You’S Amsterdam Inspiration


As the cultural capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam proudly displays its urban, avant-garde design credentials for the whole world to see. For centuries, Amsterdam has been a magnet for creative, free-spirited trend setters from around the globe – dreamers and doers who came here to be immersed in an environment like nowhere else – to thrive in a culture born of innovative and exciting ideas. Today, Amsterdam has become an even more bold and bountiful source of beautiful new designs and inspired lifestyles – drawing to her all those who seek the new and unique and who settle for nothing less.




You’S Amsterdam The Brand


The eyes of the world look to Amsterdam to see ‘what’s next’ in fun, fanciful and fashion-forward Dutch design. And what’s next are the bold and beautiful eyewear designs made exclusively for self-aware women by You’S Amsterdam. With designs that range from the subtle to the striking and features that include intricate metalwork to eye-popping artwork – You’S boldly and beautifully blows past the status quo.

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