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Amazing curling

Make your favorite styling never been so easy, and in a flash, you can get perfectly smooth, undulating results. So how do you choose the best curling wand? Curls no longer resort to permanent and when we want it to be a real revolution that iron for curling hair makes us live because in the shortest time possible to turn every nose into such a masterpiece to those who can guarantee only your hairdresser’s confidence.

Structure and characteristics

Have a period film, in which nineteenth-century ladies show cascades of curls ordered, to fashion magazines where the actresses show off soft and sinuous waves, there is no image of curly hair moves and that at least once every woman, regardless of age, I do not wish to have. It is often desisted, fearing that to curl your hair and make these hairstyles we want hours by a hairdresser or some expensive, high-performance products.

Only it takes a few minutes and a bit of manual work, which in time will become more and more, and a small accessory: the curling iron. If you have finally decided to reward yourself with a small appliance like this, you can be sure that will make you have the perfect curls every time you come into your mind, at home and without the need to resort to a beauty salon before each ceremony, event or appointment.

The surface of the tube may be smooth or present of the parts in relief for guiding the arrangement of the strands

The structure of this curling equipment is usually straightforward and consists of a ‘handle, often in a non-slip material, slightly rough or covered in rubber or velvet to be held quickly and firmly, and a tube, around which is rolled up the strands and can form the beautiful, natural waves. The machine is heated due to a resistance that requires a power low enough, usually from 25 to 400 W approx.

If you want to style or make curly hair with a curling iron is good to know that there are two different types of models, classified according to the shape of the part that gets hot. An iron hair would look like:

  • A cone: the element closest to the handle is more full than the final one, the section narrows as it goes towards the tip;
  • A cylinder: it is a tube with a cylindrical section and a regular, often equipped with a lateral clamp that locks the strands to prevent them from slipping.

While in the first case with curlers are obtained tight curls and very natural, which take the form of a spiral tapered downwards, in the second case it may instead realize all those hairstyles that require a spring hedgehog, regular and well-defined, which may it is left as it is or once cooled utterly, widened with your fingers or with a regular brush to a more rakish affect.

Different diameters

Whether it’s a curling iron conical or cylindrical one, it is evident that, to vary the size of the heated area in contact with the strands, will also change the result. More specifically, according to the effect you want to achieve, it is appropriate to pause to consider the diameter, or the extent of the hair iron, which contributes in a way directly proportional to the form of the hedgehog or the bushing created, which can be thick or very wide.

From the point of curling cone around which the strand work depends on the amplitude of the bushing

Usually, an iron to wavy hair among those commonly found on the market can present measures ranging from 13 mm to 33 mm. Even the size of curling understand well the difference of the final result of the urchins that you will get, and you can get a pretty good idea of the styles that you can interpret.

If for minimal cuts it is always advisable for a short curling hair with a smaller diameter, which allows wrapping at least one or two coils, for average cuts long there is no limit or boundary to the possibility of hairstyle you can accomplish with a little ‘ imagination and skill. In case you wanted to grow its crown, but it starts from scarce lengths, it is possible to find on the market of ad hoc solutions.

There are in fact models called multi style with a fixed handle and a set of interchangeable cylinders or cones, from 2 to 5, characterized by different diameters, from the smallest to the greatest, and thus able to satisfy most users’ needs. It will merely screw or trap at the base of our curling the tube that is preferred at that time and kick off the stage styling, a creative and fun time that will never cease to amaze.

Functions and use

If you are still inexperienced and you wonder how to use the curling iron, there is nothing simpler. Most of the models have a really elementary operation, simply press or rotate a small switch, an on / off button that serves for the switching on and off, interact with the + or – keys or with the ring nut that allows the selection temperature and wait until the small light led in the handle there signals the achievement of the selected value.

They reach high temperatures in a short time, thus making attention to energy saving

The temperature dell‘arricciacapelli should always be selected according to the type of hair that you will be treated. If it is blond drums, weak or stressed by the temperatures treatments should always be between 80 ° C and 140 ° C, in the case of bark kinky capillaries, dark and thick or prsenza healthy hairstyles and untreated instead you can opt even for higher values, between 180 ° C and 220 ° C.

Many models have a temperature sensor built-in that serves precisely to stop itself when it reaches the selected value. This allows you not to exceed the maximum temperature that the same hair curling iron is calibrated to tolerate, so no damage to the product, to our heads of hair or our skin.

Another function more and more often present in professional models midrange and high curling is the ionization, useful to eliminate static electricity, do not swell the hair and make them smooth and soft to the touch. This mode, if selected, pampers hair shaft from root to tip, providing healthy with a good time for listing in the fold.

Accessories and extras

As the functions and performance can undoubtedly do the bulk of the work, the right accessories can indeed enrich each plate curling to the point of significantly improve the final results. Often on the packaging, it indicates what is supplied with iron to wave, but it also can check this by reading between the comments of users who bought the same product online curling.

Some of the plus most popular are:

  • insulating housing
  • interchangeable tubes
  • protective glove
  • protective Thimbles
  • thermal mat
  • Door plate curlers

Once you have completed, the setup steps plague, both the automatic iron curling that the manual should be stored with care to prevent it from scratching. The insulating enclosure allows you to do so without having to wait for our curling iron to cool completely, to tidy up everything quickly and leave any room of the house always tidy.

In most versatile curling iron models it is possible to find a series of interchangeable tubes, with a cylindrical or conical shape, that can be inserted on the base to vary from time to time the amplitude of the bushing and adapt it to the look chosen for the occasion. To protect the hand that wraps around the hair, the Glove thermo-protected or thermal thimbles are a godsend, helping us to move faster and naturally.

The most protective gloves are those that also have an inner lining plush

The thimbles are used on individual fingers, or at most in a combination thumb and forefinger, have a low cost, they are comfortable, perfect for left- and right-handed and can be purchased in the number you want. To have your hands free during brushing or division into sections you should not place the hair iron wherever it happens unless you have a heat mat that effectively protects surfaces from accidental damage.

Finally, some models are equipped with a door curling plate, fitted with a suction cup to secure grip, which can be attached to the tiles in the bathroom, on the mirror or the furniture. It is undoubtedly a very convenient solution, especially for those with a tiny bathroom and no drawers or shelves, but still, want to have to hand her favorite beauty tools at the ready.

Models and techniques

Not all models are regular curling. There are some who, as we have seen, is constituted by a heating pipe, while others resemble the shape of a brush.

The curling irons are used to create perfect curls: rolling up the hair strand by strand around the irons for hair with different sizes and shapes will reach different results. The coating of these cylinders or cones can usually be in:

  • Ceramic
  • Tourmaline
  • Titanium
  • Pearl

All of these materials make the lengths soft and silky to the touch and glossy to the eye. The high technology and innovation have meant that the coating became increasingly smooth for more excellent uniformity of heat a finish that allows the tufts to slip without straining or tearing it. The automatic curling plate is therefore perfect for creating hairstyles elegant and stylish, bright and beautiful even to the touch.

A different type is instead that of the curling brush which can be round or flat. The principle of operation of the rotating brush is slightly different. Conversely, professional dell’arricciacapelli which is heated by a resistance, however, it releases hot air and can shape the hair.

Before each use, protect lengths with special sprays that contain keratin

The breath is from the inside out, like a hairdryer, is most often used on wet or damp hair and quickly transforms into smooth curls, drying them in record time. In many cases also it emits negative ions that serve to achieve a shiny appearance without damaging the stems.

The materials that make up the part from which protrudes the heat are usually good conductors, respectful of the nature of the capillary cortex, such as steel, ceramic and Teflon, and are also used for the ‘ automatic curling that, unlike the manual, envelops the strands by itself autonomously and releases them when they are ready.

Advantages and tips

When it comes to hair and hairstyles, you know, it is often fickle. Definitive solutions such as permanent binding to comb for extended periods always the same, without considering that after a few weeks the effect of beauty salon tends to fade away and leave us with a mass to be tamed or off lengths and gnats.

Also, the chemicals used for dyes or permanent, are firmly contraindicated during the pregnancy period, a time when every woman, faced with changes in their lives and their bodies, in particular, need to see and to feel beautiful and tidy.

If the tufts are short, the tip of the iron curls should face upward to the face curls incornicino

The use of automatic or manual curling, according to your preferences, is quick and easy and allows you to choose which styling is perfect for the mood of the day or for the occasion that requires a unique hairstyle. The curls are shiny and reflect light as after a tint, while the scales of the hair cortex, closing on the stem, protect and preserve the atmospheric aggressions.

These curling tools, far from being just a ploy to be aesthetically lovely if used with wisdom and policy, at the right temperature and the correct times, represent real beauty care. Any advice on how to use your curling iron is always useful, so it will be essential to remember to:

  1. Make the day before the shampoo and dry with a bit of foam
  2. Divide always the hair in small sections of 2 or 3 cm maximum
  3. Hold down the tip of the hair iron waves during the fold
  4. Being fast in a winding, by exposure to heat same at every point
  5. Divide the locks obtained only after they have gunned down completely
  6. Open the curls with your fingers, a wide comb or hair dryer cold jet
  7. Put your head down for a final touch of volume
  8. Secure with spray moisture, preferably elasticity

A few simple rules and you can decide which style show, changing every time you want. Perhaps this is why many look like a curly iron reminiscent of a magic wand.

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