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Carnival colored hair and which colors to choose

Looking for inspiration for new hair color for Carnival? Here are five tips directly from Perfect Crazy, hairdressers in Laureate Caccivio (Como).

Fun, sexy, original or surprising, leave everyone speechless with a Crazy color!

Do you like so many colors and can’t decide?

Your unicorn costume and rainbow colors are also the trends of the moment. For the costume, you can easily make it with what you have at home (choose a white basic on which to put scarves and ribbons of many colors), also because the real highlight will be your hair. We recommend a Rainbow or a mix of Rich Purple, Pastel Eccentric Pink, Pure True Blue, and Atomic Yellow.

Tender, sweet and sexy?

You could dress up as a little Ape (strictly yellow and black dress and accessories) and for the hair we suggest an Atomic Yellow (there’s also the brand new Atomic Yellow Neon, look at our photos on Instagram) with a touch of Pure Green , and if you have short hair we can also make you a Greek in tone on tone or darker).

Do you want to look scary? Harley Queen, the famous member of the Joker in the Batman saga, a beloved look even in the cosplay world, is the one for you: just color the two tufts on the sides (which you will then tie as your famous pigtails) and the choice definitely goes on a True Blue and an Eccentric Pink .

If you feel like a superhero every day, then you are Wonder Woman, and here we recommend a hair color between intense blue and ink violet, mixing a True Blue and Purple Violet will be just like the character was originally represented in the comics.

Do you love green and want to try it on your hair?

There are so many green-haired characters, you can indulge yourself from Poison Ivy to the looks of anime comics and even to Mrs. Hulk. If you have long hair you can try a Pure Green in shades, even if the new Verde Neon is short, with some Greek Sexy Magenta and Rich Purple, and you’ll be the top!

Are you undecided among so many colors? Take a look at our photos and if you want the Perfect Crazy advice perfect for you we are waiting for you in the salon,

See you soon!

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