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1.Crazy colors: I like them but I don’t dare!

There are so many that ask us to learn more, they are as attracted by this trend as they are “afraid” of trying it!

Well, our first suggestion is that you don’t necessarily have to create a Total crazy, but to start with, we suggest making details (zones or locks, or we will advise you based on your hairstyle).

2. How do you keep the color longer?

This is one of the questions we are often asked and we now give you our 5 little secrets:

  • Use a shampoo with acid Ph;
  • Use pure organic pigments in the shampoo or mask that intensify and maintain the color;
  • Do not wash your hair every day and rinse it with cold water;
  • Protect your hair from chlorine by applying a balm or a mask (just the one you usually use) before putting your headphones in the pool;
  • Avoid the use of plates;

3 – How long does the crazy color last?

It is known that being pigments that “cling” to the hair fade with the washes, but we advise you to make your color crazy a little more intense: moreover, wash your hair with warm water, use a sham with pH acid which it helps keep hair scales closed and after 15 days it tones up the color, charging it with pigment, so it will last longer.

If you want other personalized advice or you have a curiosity about our crazy colors we are waiting for you in the salon, you are welcome!

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