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Crazy colors for your hair for the summer, tips and advice from Perfect Crazy, hairdresser at Lurate Caccivio

I’ll answer you right away because we are here for the summer and because these are questions that I often get in the salon, Perfect Crazy at Laureate Caccivio.

1. “In view of the summer, I would like to make a total change of look, with a nice strong color … but I would like to know how long it takes me? What tricks can you use to make it last longer? And what colors do you recommend for me to last longer? “

So if you make a beautiful color alive, beautiful strong, it lasts a beautiful month, even a month and a half, until it becomes a beautiful pastel. If you want to make it last longer I always recommend not washing your hair with products that are too aggressive (including dandruff shampoo or scalp shampoo with sebum); or there are also dry shampoos that in practice help the hair to not get too dirty, spraying them all over the hair the color remains intact. In any case, to make it last longer there are also shampoos that we prepare with the pigments we use in the desired color and that can be an excellent solution for those who do not want to intensify it too often.

2. “I saw your photos and I see that you too often change colors and use different colors: what does hair color mean to you?”

I often notice that people are increasing “tri s ti”, as demoralized, and instead I find that the color of hair is a way to be a little more serene , that is it gives charge , gives energy , you are not all the same, we are not all ” gray “, dull. The color also helps to find inner energy and a charge. If you do not want to be trivial and if you do not want to be the same as others then what you can do is change the color of the hair and certainly do not make a color that is monotonous, or equal to the mass. One thing that characterizes people with colored hair is sympathy, the fact of being cheerful enough, serene, to feel good even so. I, on the other hand, find people with brown hair, for example, very strange, and I wouldn’t really see them!

3. “I would like to know from you which colors are the most fashionable for the summer, what is the trend in this period?”

Pastel colors are strong! We are surrounded by unicorns … and the trend color is precisely the ” unicorn color ” (ie the range of all the shades of the rainbow but in pastel shades). The Secret Color is also very good: perfect for people who don’t dare so much, but who especially love colored hair (and I can guarantee that there are so many of them!) And so they can make sure they don’t show what they have ” under” hair. So only when they lift their hair the color is there and it looks very good. A person can arrange to color their hair the way they want, can make them rainbow, make them solid, can do exactly what they want. But if you don’t want something too “challenging” (or even because of the work or the kind of life that takes place) the Secret Color is a good compromise and it’s a very special thing. Among the trendy colors and that will still be very much this summer there is always the Pink , which has now become a must, there is the Lavander Gray which is a kind of gray that gives on violet or lilac, in all its variants clearly; and finally there is the Ice which is a color that always goes a lot, maybe done with reflections of soft and particular colors, like pale pink or lilac, the Ice is very soft as a color.

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