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Hair and Color, do you want some new ideas?

A new hair color? With the advice of Perfect Crazy Hairdressers, at Laureate Caccivio (Como) lots of news and ideas for you!

Every year fashions and trends suggest ideas to give a different touch to our hair. One of the most successful and popular colors around is the Rosa, declined in many shades, total or with locks or so on and so forth, in a more ‘ metallic ‘ version or in a brighter nuance (like a beautiful Eccentric Pink that you can often see in our photos on our social networks ).


Rosa is an extrovert color but also very sweet, which will give you a touch of extra personality. Why doesn’t it go out of fashion? Because it is a color that expresses great optimism and vitality! From the catwalks to the normal looks you see on the street it has been understood by now that anyone can dare a cheerful, bizarre (or only for a special event) color because today the color is cleared through customs and anyone can do it, not just models and fashion blogger!


Among the customers who come to us in the salon, many choose the purple, a color that always makes it really good; we could suggest for example the New Metallic Ultra Violet or a Violet Rose or a strong Purple. Violet was the color of 2018, the well-known Pantone ” Ultra Violet “.


The color of 2019 is the Living Coral, the latest trend in clothes and accessories and of course hair. It is a special coral color (with golden brightness between pink and orange), which expresses positivity, balance, and brightness: of course, you can try a shade that matches your tastes better, the beauty is that the colors can be mixed (from look at our photos !). The shades vary from the yellow of the Atomic Yellow to the orange Dynamic Orange, up to the excess of the Electric Red or Sexy Magenta.

Want the Perfect Crazy advice for you? We are waiting for you in the salon,

See you soon!

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