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How to protect your hair from the sun?

The warm season is the most awaited period of the year: we can’t wait to be able to relax in the heat, not think about anything and recover all the energy spent in our daily lives.

Sometimes the goal of the holidays is just to tan and be able to show off a beautiful complexion.

Unfortunately, sun exposure has risks and contraindications.

Especially during the hottest hours, the sun’s rays can cause sunburn, premature skin aging but also damage to the hair.

Let’s see how to prevent them and keep hair healthy and strong even in summer.

What happens to hair exposed to the sun?

The hair at the sea is damaged by UV rays suffering the same damage as the skin. For this, we must protect the hair from the sun to prevent it from being ruined.

It should also be considered that saltiness and very frequent washing contribute to the weakening of the foliage.

The hair fiber can suffer different types of damage such as the alteration of the proteins of the cuticle (which makes the hair rough and opaque) or the degradation of the pigments (due to lightening and fading of the color).

Protect your hair from the sun with the right products

Hair must be treated before leaving, for example by avoiding overly aggressive treatments or lightening that could weaken the hair fiber.

The first tip is to resort to adequate protection with the use of sunscreens for hair that acts as a screen with respect to UV rays.

On the market, there are several products that have UV filters among the active ingredients and are really useful.

Protecting your hair from the sun is therefore essential.

The products to take on holiday must also be antioxidants and moisturizers: these two characteristics preserve and replenish the hair fiber even when it is weakened.

Especially for those who go to the beach, it is essential to pay attention to the choice of cleaning products: the shampoo must be suitable for frequent and therefore less aggressive washing.

In your suitcase absolutely must not miss the Spuma reconstruction of Opificio Emiliano, a foam for damaged and weakened hair, without rinsing.

Among the active ingredients is Meyen’s Yeast which strengthens the hair, the grape stem cells that have a regenerating power; the aloe vera and Argan oil that soothes and nourishes and the UV filters that protect the hair.

It is a very easy product to use: it is sufficient to apply it on damp well-damped hair and distribute it evenly over the length, concentrating on the drier areas.

To complete the hair care ritual we advise you not to miss the other products of the Reconstruction line and the Meyen line products suitable for all hair and perfect for a period in which washing is frequent.

Now that you know how to protect your hair from the sun, you just have to leave.

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