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MY LIFE … MY WORK! From the beginning .. to BIENVENIDOS to get to PERFECTCRAZY

For me, this job meant not only cut but CREATE, as an artist realizes his canvas, something unique using hair.

Unfortunately, during the school year, I was forced by my parents, contrary to my dream, to study anything, until I found the courage to rebel and start my journey! After a few years of training, it is a bit of accumulated experience, I have chosen to put myself in partnership with my first employer.

For me, in her early twenties, it was a dream come true, she was my muse, my teacher, the first person who believed in me and my abilities! everything was great, my only goal was to grow in my work with her!

I thought within myself that gaining the trust of customers could create me a solid position in the salon but the months passed and I realized that tensions were starting to arise.

She began to suffer in having to “divide” daily choices, accustomed for years to being the only main figure. I became more and more independent, I suffered in silence trying to understand how to solve a situation that became increasingly heavy every day and after a short time, it was she herself who made the decision to dissolve the company but asked me not to leave the salon, but remaining to work as an employee! He wanted to go back, in his words, to be “free”.

I experienced all this as a betrayal, my muse who stabbed me after years together! he promised the rest of the staff a large increase, once he would be able to eliminate me, days of a nightmare, excluded and disappointed by those people who for me were a second family! I couldn’t give up, I wanted to make my dream come true, so I rolled up my sleeves, picked up the salon, made some renovations, and between economic and personal difficulties I continued alone.

Over the course of 5 years, changing people in an attempt to find suitable staff. Between a change and the other, I know a young girl, good-looking, willing and dedicated to work! A unique fi nity hard to believe and to find, but I wanted to believe in it, as well as in symbiosis with work, we also become friends for the skin, so long as I choose to propose the company.

After a couple of years, I begin to feel a change in his behavior. His seriousness at work is diminishing as well as on my part, up to the point of arriving at serious daily problems that also affected work, customers and salon staff! The break-in December 2015 becomes inevitable!

For me, another disappointment is another “starting over” from scratch, … another turning point, having to convince even those around me and living my life (parents, husband, brothers and sister daughter) that I didn’t want to give up, that my art and what I loved to do, despite all the difficulties, I had to keep doing it.

I have always believed in myself and what you sow … sooner or later you collect! It all seemed lost, even if I didn’t want to tell me, I wanted to fight and get up again, I felt that this time it was the right time!

Personal change totally, meeting by chance a complete unknown hairdresser and believing in the will and determination of another girl who knew little about “hairdressers”, but who I liked and wanted to believe!

This moment I consider it my year zero, we enter all three in harmony in a very spontaneous and sincere way, creating an atmosphere in a salon of total collaboration, each one creates his own role in total respect, slowly we get to know each other more and more and between one joke and the other we manage to establish such a “healthy” and genuine relationship that we can also transmit to clients during work hours.

Our cheerfulness is transformed into creativity and so, spontaneously we create my dream of an artist, we paint like the canvas of the painter I dreamed of as Little, our hair with crazy colors and we create in the area where we live THE UNIQUE SALON COLOR CRAZY! The joy, the sunny environment and the crazy style fused together to create something unique in collaboration with you! we laugh, we joke, we try to spend a few carefree hours for the people who come to visit us, trying to take those hours spent together a little lightly.

We have been collaborating for two years and we believe that for us the salon is a second home, our harmony so unique that it confirms what I have always believed: “never give up, sooner or later the dream will come true”.

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