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Parties and colored hair, is the right time to try it?

New and colorful look: the solution is from Perfect Crazy to Laureate Caccivio (less than an hour from Milan, three-quarters of an hour from Lugano, half an hour from Varese and twenty minutes from Como, that is, you have no more excuses!).

Among days of celebration, meetings with friends, relatives and new acquaintances, why not dare with a new look?

– Which color to choose?

If you want a really crazy color, if you want a color that illuminates you, a color that turns your eyes on, that gives even more personality to your character and to your way of being, the colors are really many and you can indulge yourself and have fun. The results are remarkable because the color is never flat, but rich in nuances that give depth and brightness. If you want some ideas to look at our photos on our Facebook or Instagram page. Do you like blue? Try True Blue or Crazy Blue; if you love purple you can choose between a New Metallic Ultra Violet, or Purple or Violet Rose. If you love pinks and reds don’t miss the range of colors between the Sexy Magenta, Dynamic Orange, and the Eccentric Pink, if you want to do a madness on the green dare with the various Pure Green, Scandalous Green or Pastel Green and with the yellow don’t miss the Atomic Yellow.

-Is the first time?

You can first try with some detail, it will be perfect for the night of New Year! You’ll see how satisfying the result will be, with the color (or colors!) You’ve looked at, desired and what time you can show off with your style!

– How long is a crazy color?

The advice is always to make a color a little more intense, because it is pigments that, clinging to the hair, then fade with the washes, and if you tone after a fortnight it will last longer; moreover, always use neutral ph shampoo – which helps keep the hair scales closed – and warm water.

If you want the Perfect Crazy advice we are waiting for you in the salon,

See you soon!

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