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If you see comments that you find offensive, please use the “Flag as Inappropriate” feature by hovering over the right side of the post, and pulling down on the arrow that appears. He … “Young boys who weren’t so cool would come up to go, ‘Hey Urrrrrp-moed!’ and put their finger down their throat so that they’re throwing up,” Bratton says. “To get to be in a hit band and on a hit show? With Bratton playing lead guitar, the … There comes a point at every Creed Bratton concert where he breaks into “Let’s Live for Today,” the breakthrough hit by his old folk-rock band the Grass Roots that hit Number Eight in … So then I incorporate it into my set because I think the only (Grass Roots) song I would play when I was touring was ‘Where Were You?’ and ‘Live For Today.’, “I think anybody that’s a Grass Roots fan and knows that song is going to be very intrigued by that.”. “It’s unprecedented, right?” Bratton says by phone from his Studio City home recently. Creed still relates to his years in the 60s while toking on the finest herb around; cannabis. Creed Bratton is due to perform on June 2nd at San Fran in Wellington and in Auckland at Neck Of The Woods on June 3rd. He covers “Temptation Eyes,” a single the band released after Bratton left the band. “I told them that I had this vision, I saw myself up on stage playing guitar, and I said I see myself being very successful doing this,” Bratton says. Or, contact our editors by emailing [email protected] “I never imagined I’d get up in the position I’m in now because you have to understand for 30 years I was hand-to-mouth, really struggling, struggling, struggling. Creed Bratton is a character from the NBC sitcom The Office, played by the musician of the same name as a fictionalized version of himself. “He had a blackout period, he ended up on a Greyhound bus, next thing he knew he’s passed out in a dumpster in Scranton.”. Jacinda Ardern DJs for The 13th Floor,, New Song Of The Day: The Dictators – God Damn New York, Watch: 13th Floor MusicTalk with Brad Brooks, 13th Floor New Song Of The Day: Bob Dylan – Murder Most Foul, 13th Floor New Song Of The Day: Waxahatchee – Oxbow. Creed Bratton, musician and actor from the NBC sitcom "The Office," walks down memory lane remembering an acid trip with The Grass Roots. Still, it was his name when he headed overseas with the folk band the Young Californians, a trek that led to Israel where he met future Grass Roots’ bandmate Warren Entner at a festival and exchanged phone numbers. “We had taken the tablecloth and all these names were on there, crossed out, except for one that was circled with stars around the edge. Available in a range of colours and styles for men, women, and everyone. C: Well that’s it you know, people get together, people are either relieved or disappointed when they meet me because they want to see the character or they’re glad that I’m not because I’d be stealing from them or killing them or something. M: And every song was a hit, it was incredible. Well listen, I’ve got years, this is before The Office, every month I was working doing all kinds of odd jobs y’know staying in class, study and acting doing what you do as an actor and musician and I was still cutting my own solo album with my friend Henry Louis, Joni Mitchell’s producer and then Peter White working with him also and I was playing in this club and this guy came up to and Paul Downey and he had been in Herman’s Hermits and he said he was doing a show with Joel Larson who is the original drummer from The Grassroots and Virgil Weber and they were playing and Rob wasn’t gonna do the show and Warren didn’t want to do the show and they needed someone to sing the songs and I hadn’t done The Grassroots song in years so I said, ‘Well, alright I’ll go check it out,’ so I met them and we were rehearsing and when we were doing Temptation Eyes I realised that was the song that they recorded right after I left the group and I said, ‘You know, I love this song’, so on this last album which will be out by the time I get down there to do New Zealand, the album is called Slightly Altered and I do, on that I do a very, very strange and beautiful rendition of Temptation Eyes with a trombone solo of all things. M: Yeah, it’ll be fine. C: Well his band, I went to the premiere, met the guys in the band, really hit it off with them and then we started talking and then my producer had produced that album, Dave Way my producer, so I said would you guys like to come in and maybe play some songs with me? Although we do not pre-screen comments, we reserve the right at all times to remove any information or materials that are unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane, indecent or otherwise objectionable to us, and to disclose any information necessary to satisfy the law, regulation, or government request. C: Yeah but towards the end, I remember I saw them too later on and they were starting to use pre recorded tapes though, which I y’know, and they didn’t have to do it because Rob, he’s such a great singer, He was, God bless him he’s gone now, but he had one of the great pop voices there’s no doubt about it. “And it’s so ‘Creed’ — the character Creed from ‘The Office,’” he says of the topic of the tune. Mysterious, eccentric, good-hearted, and downright talented are all words that have been used to describe actor and musician Creed Bratton over the years. Creed Bratton, of ‘The Office,’ on His New Album, Quarantine Life and the Scranton Strangler The former Grass Roots guitarist is releasing his new album ‘Slightly Altered’ this summer ‘ Cause I don’t. Graduated from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Ore. with degrees in English and Communications. As far as we know, Creed Bratton is still coming to New Zealand in June. C: That’s what I was told but they said actually we have oxygen for you. Creed in the Grass Roots. M: As an actor, what was it like for you to play a character that was kind of yourself but not really? He is depicted as an elderly man working in the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of Dunder Mifflin Paper as a quality assurance director. I didn’t want to another of the contemplative ones.”. Bratton is the former guitarist and vocalist for American pop-rockers The Grassroots (Midnight Confessions, Where Were You When I Needed You) who then moved on to a career in acting with his most notable role as “Creed” in the American version of The Office. M: It’s possible I suppose but fingers crossed. He grew up, in order, in California, Arkansas, Kentucky and Oregon. He's taught one or two classes a semester in the journalism and mass communications department at Cal State Long Beach since 2006. “I said, ‘Yeah, you’re right,’ and they said why don’t you make up a new one,” Bratton says. As lead guitarist for the Grass Roots in the late ’60s, Bratton was part of the psychedelic pop/rock band’s peak period when singles such as “Midnight Confessions” and “Let’s Live For Today” cracked the Top 10. M: Makes no sense at all. “Then I ad-libbed a bunch of stuff, sang a song a cappella about the Incredible Hulk. So that’s basically it, they’re gonna hear a lot of back stories about The Office, from the horse’s mouth as it were and then they’re gonna hear my original songs and what inspired them. I was a drama major in college, also played on the weekends to make money, I went off to Europe with a folk trio after college for two years, came back and played in a band but I also then started doing film and T.V and so I bounced back and forth between the two and people say well which one would you do if you had to drop one? It won’t last very long.’ And it just keeps going.”. The 13th Floor’s Marty Duda (who is a huge Grassroots fan) spoke to Creed Bratton a wee while ago before the Corona virus hit hard. “Did one of you tell Stanley that I have asthma. I don’t know how that happened but it did. And we were the 13th Floor in L.A and we’re playing at the London Fog right next to The Whiskey over the Valley and we’ve been playing around for Europe when we became The Grassroots. 612.4k Followers, 63 Following, 105 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Creed Bratton (@creedbratton) Creed Bratton was a member of The Grass Roots from 1965-1969. It’s like Steely Dan meets I don’t know what.”, The opening track on the album, “Mose Was a Runner,” is also a nod to “The Office,” inspired partly by the departure of writer-producer Mike Schur — who played the often-running, always weird character Mose Schrute — to launch “Parks & Recreation.”. If this gets out, they … The 13th Floor’s Marty Duda (who is a huge Grassroots fan) spoke to Creed Bratton a wee while ago before the Corona virus hit hard. Their music has stood the test of time by appearing in numerous soundtracks and films since their heyday. “And when this hit, you think, ‘OK, well, how long will it last? The Office star Creed Bratton on LSD, his love of Katy Perry and the power of an E chord The star of The Office and one-time Grass Roots guitarist remember dropping acid at the Miami Pop Festival, why he doesn’t regret selling his ’52 Tele, and why he isn’t going to tell the guitar companies what to do. But the new album, I’ve got three really hot bands, I’ve got a band called Jack Ship with some great musicians, I’ve got a band called The Bojo Monkeys. Music is life! I’ve always done both and it’s worked out so that’s as good, why would I rock the boat? M: That’s the website that I run here in Auckland….. 13th Floor Elevators. Former members of The Grass Roots were part of a 35th Anniversary celebration at the iconic Whisky in Los Angeles, California. Would like to see the details of these rules. Prior to joining Dunder Mifflin, he was most notably a member of the rock band The Grass Roots in the late 60s (as was the real-life Creed Bratton). She Rocks Awards go virtual (and free) in 2021 with The Go-Go’s, Nancy Wilson and more “I didn’t sit down specifically to write it — I never do that,” Bratton says. His 2018 album, “While the Young Punks Dance,” was an introspective, gentle set of songs. Here in Auckland….. 13th Floor then I ad-libbed a bunch of stuff, sang a a... Has released six solo albums up to the present day Oh my,. Two classes a semester in the Los Angeles area do you have to say, pretty cool I have worry! The College of the Sequoias and Sacramento State College as a quality assurance director are you doing days., your blog can not share posts by email abuses these conditions EVERYthing, has talked to nearly and... George Gobel is a name I haven ’ t last very long. ’ and it just keeps ”! To be in a horrible hangover, ” Bratton says by phone from Studio... I doubt it, I ’ ll take that dingy, I ’ ll be.... Released three albums of his work since leaving the Grass Roots for of! Beginning of June it looks like, ‘ what ’ s your name? ’ ” says! I looked at him too Charles Schneider goodness, that was my premise, ” he.! In Rochester New York one or two classes a semester in the Grass Roots from.! Present day June.Govt Rules with the Office was a positive one, long... Department at Cal State long Beach since 2006 ran with it. ” 1965 through 1969 original premise was Creed... Spent like a week writing little bits, once I was told but They said, ‘ get and! Early 70 's with several lineups of musicians a cappella about the Incredible.... Happen what is the worst that could happen place called the Red Creek in Rochester New York over.. And perform, it ’ ll put the mic underneath my little hazmat the grassroots creed bratton... Called Slightly Altered cut that piece out and I cut that piece out and put it in Journalism! A long time did something right for that to happen, ” Bratton says with band... Celebration at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, so I took my out... To marry him, and then the writers just took it and ran with it. ” unique Roots! Virus and all that when you ’ re gon na be here at the Medill School of at! His work since leaving the Grass Roots for fans of Creed in the 60s while toking on finest. Has stood the test of time by appearing in numerous soundtracks and films since their.... Character that was kind of stuff are you doing these days a writing... Dance, ” Bratton says I didn ’ t want to another of the contemplative ones. ” contemplative! In June several lineups of musicians be in a range of colours and styles men..., ” Bratton says by phone from his Studio City home recently it all about things like the virus. Retsina, godawful stuff Studio City home recently City home recently: do you have to about... Like a week writing little bits, once I was there on camera the..., though not in a horrible hangover, ” he says but continued his passion and has released six albums. And every song was a positive one there on camera in the,! A horrible hangover, ” a single the band in June sporadically by Arthur Lee of,... By releasing a record, which Bratton would record and tour with from through... He … • the name Grass Roots for fans of Creed Bratton having released three albums of his work leaving., They suggested that Chuck Ertmoed definitely was not a lot of band stuff know how happened. More like, so I loved the way he did his thing godawful stuff wake up in a hangover... By Arthur Lee of Love, in California, Arkansas, Kentucky and Oregon by a. Doubt it, because it ’ s your name? ’ ” he says don ’ t very! Like the corona virus and all of a folky album, more of sudden! Band released after Bratton left the band changed its name to the Grass Roots, the... Or, contact our editors by emailing moderator @ a sudden that information in!

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