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What are the trendiest colors to try?

If you are wondering what are the newest colors and the trends of the moment the answer you could find it here with us: follow the advice of Perfect Crazy at Laureate Caccivio Como, today I want to give you the 3 top tips, which concern those who love Biondo, those who love the warmest colors and those who love being trendy with Pastel. Because to refresh your look sometimes just a color, a shade, and the important thing is that it is a touch of personality and that it is always done in a workmanlike manner.

Do you want light colors?

To refresh a blonde or to get closer to the shades of light blond (which is very fashionable, remember the blond-baby, very light) I point out two new features: Biondo Silver and Biondo Icy , spectacular and worth trying, because they are very cold blondes, almost ice, they are trendy and you can play a lot with them even with the combinations of your spring-summer clothing.

Do you want warmer colors?

There is the brand new nuance, Cosmic Coral, in line with the trend of the moment relative to the color of 2019 which is the Living Coral (Pantone color 2019, as I had already pointed out in a previous blog ), which you can combine with warmer colors but you can also combine cool colors like the various blues and greens (like Mint of Steel or True Blue).

What is the Top Trend of the moment?

It is certainly the Pastel, in all the possible and imaginable nuances and combinations: I suggest the Lavander Lust, Blue Ghost, and Blush. The Lavander Lust is a pale lilac, which is complemented by the preference of pink, which has now become a must-have for the season. If you love fashion and pink, let me point out the new Blush shade, a very beautiful pale pink. The Blue Ghost is a revelation, it is a heavenly baby that can make the difference

Are you undecided? Take a look at our photos and if you want a special Perfect Crazy tip for you we are less than an hour from Milan, three quarters of an hour from Lugano, half an hour from Varese and twenty minutes from Como, in short, you don’t have more excuses, we are waiting for you!

See you soon!

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