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What colors should you choose for summer? Ideas and practical tips from Perfect Crazy hairdresser at Lurate Caccivio

I immediately give you some practical advice, based on my experience here in the salon, Perfect Crazyat Laureate Caccivio , (keep in mind that we are only less than an hour from Milan, three quarters of an hour from Lugano, half an hour from Varese and twenty minutes from Como, if you’re curious, come and meet us!.

Do you have dark hair and want to make a crazy color?

My advice is that you can easily do it, preferably I recommend staying on the Magenta, Sexy Magenta, the whole range of reds and even purple.

Does the color lighten with heat?

Of course, like all colors, even normal colors are lightened: with the heat, going to the pool, going to the sea, they soften a little. What to do? You can safely revive the color with specific shampoos or with masks with pigment inside, which we prepare. You can wet your hair, even after just one day when you are done. However, I always advise using products that have sunscreens: we usually give a mask, a shampoo and a protective oil to prevent excessive fading during sun exposure.

Do you have light hair?

The trend of the moment is the Lavander Gray, it is a gray contaminated with the shades of lavender and blues, a very trendy color. With light hair, however, you can make any type of color, from pink to lilac, purple, blue, to blues, aquamarine shades are very beautiful. To keep it always vivid and bright we prepare masks with the desired color pigment inside. What I advise, especially in the summer, is not to make colors that are too pastel, but tend to make them of a slightly brighter shade, so that, as they are washed, they tend to the desired pastel nuance.

Curly hair? No problem!

There is a very amusing coloring technique: they are made as ” knots ” on the hair and the tips are lightened, and on a very curly hair we have an effect of this volume of the hedgehog with all the colored tips. My advice: to use very moisturizing masks on curly hair, products that define the curl. You can also make a total color because with curls there is no problem, those with curly hair tend to have frizzy hair, so I would definitely opt for oil-based protective and a protective factor.

What color do you do on straight or wavy hair?

The Secret Color is the latest trend of the moment, generally, the underlying part is tinged, that is from the lower hairline towards up (ie the entire hidden part, from below, from the nape, going up). In fact, the beauty of the Secret Color is that when the hair is untied you can not see anything, or you can choose to show only the tip: when instead they collect, there is a real explosion of color. The Secret Color lasts a little longer because the color being “under” is not directly exposed to the sun’s rays, obviously, it must be kept with products that have a protective factor.

Check out our crazy colors and we’ll wait for you in the salon!

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