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Which color to choose and how to make it last longer?

Have you seen around new colors, bright colors or pastel colors and are you curious? The answer could be found by Perfect Crazy at Laureate Caccivio (we are less than an hour from Milan, three-quarters of an hour from Lugano, half an hour from Varese and twenty minutes from Como). Try best hot air brush!

Color is joy, joy, and character and we are here to satisfy all your curiosity.

They often ask us questions about colors, choice, duration, that crazy hair, to share with you some of the most frequently asked questions.

If I have those crazy hair, how long do they last me?

Crazy colors last from two weeks (for pastels) to one and a half months.

What color do you recommend to those with short hair?

For those who love short hair, I recommend a block color, enriched with some Greek, which can be colored with more colors.

I have long hair, how can I make the most of them for an amazing effect?

For those with long or very long hair you can play with shades of more colors or you can make a rainbow effect. For an extremely trendy effect, a double color can be made: the upper part will have a block color, then in a solid color, and below you can play freely with more colors.

What is the perfect color to choose?

There are really no limits to this question, for nuances, nuances, alternations and color mixes; among the novelties, there are the crazy neon colors, which will surprise you with a really … crazy effect!

Are you undecided among so many colors? Take a look at our photos and if you want the Perfect Crazy advice we are waiting for you in the salon,

See you soon!

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